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Essay Editing

The essays are the first and only time that admissions officers will hear what you have to say and how you have to say it. They are your chance to show the side of you that transcripts, test scores, and activity’s sheets cannot reveal, the chance to bring your “voice” to life. 

After reviewing your overall application package, our consultants help you form an essay strategy. Then, they will help you brainstorm, outline, and develop the content of your essays. Once the content is perfected, they perform language and style edits while retaining your voice. We will make sure that your Common App Personal Statement is a moving, memorable work of creative nonfiction and that your supplemental essays showcase your strengths.

Often, students fail to realize the importance of the supplemental essays that virtually all elite schools require and not just the main Common App essay.

Concierge School Tours

Each year, we visit 40-50 schools with clients. IvySummit encourages all of our international clients to visit schools before applying. We frequently travel with clients for 5-10 days, visiting a variety of schools on their list. Demonstrated interest is important, especially as schools are focusing more on “predictive analysis” when assessing a student’s intent to enroll. Also, a student will be able to write the “Why School” supplemental essay much more easily after touring the campus, ensuring that the essay content comes off as authentic rather than contrived. IvySummit takes care of all of the logistics of the trip, including scheduling campus visits and interviews, transportation, and lodging.

Academic Life Coaching

At IvySummit, we strive to bring out our students’ brilliance by providing them with the guidance and support to discover their interests and make an impact that will position them as a powerful applicant. By embarking on the journey towards college admissions with IvySummit, our students will mature as individuals and develop skills that will help them succeed in college and beyond. We work closely with students starting as early as middle school.

Personal development is an essential foundation for empowerment throughout the application process and in life. By incorporating life coaching into our programs, we set our students on a path of success and passion-filled purpose.


Our team includes two global admissions experts that can provide unprecedented guidance on creating your own NGO. Krassen, one of the senior consultants, created his own NGO while living in Bulgaria. He received full scholarship offers from Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, and many other top-20 universities based on his NGO. Robert, another senior consultant, has helped numerous clients create NGOs that aim to address pressing global issues. Working on such projects shows that you’re eager to fuse your intellect and interests for the sake of social good, and it distinguishes you from the pack of applicants.


If you’re applying to a research university, engaging in research experiences during high school will give you a big advantage over the competition. Our team partners students with professors who are leaders in their fields to develop independent projects or to join existent research teams. Through exposure to a professional-level research team, students will hone their analysis and collaboration skills while being shaped into more creative problem-solvers. Since this work can be done remotely, we can also connect international students to set up virtual sessions and work towards a final project.


Our past clients have attended Ivy League schools and top D-III schools for athletics. We can help with the recruiting process as well as understanding the Academic Index for these schools.

Together, We Can.

Other Services

Undergraduate Admissions

Close guidance on all aspects of the admissions process from former Ivy League, Stanford, and Rice admissions officers. We offer several packages based on degree of guidance needed and tier of school selected

Boarding School Admissions

Our experienced consultants will help you finalize your school list, brainstorm and edit essays, showcase your strengths, and prepare for interviews

Learn the difference between SAT and ACT

Test Preparation

IvySummit partnered with Brian Stewart, best-selling author of Barron’s ACT, SAT, and PSAT/NMSQT to provide customized test preparation solutions for our clients. We also provide SSAT, ISEE, AP, and SAT II preparation

IvySummit provides top international college admission services to students worldwide

International Student Preparation

Individualized programs for students of all ages including: literacy tutoring, Socratic discussion, and advanced writing practicums for the SAT/ACT/AP exams

Essay Editing

Our writing coaches will edit and provide detailed feedback on the content of anything and everything, from high school/college assignments, to cover letters and resumes, to application essays

Additional Premium Services

We provide hourly essay editing, concierge college tours, college adjustment services, transfer admissions, and graduate admission support for international students. Explore our additional premium services

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