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          With record-low acceptance rates and record-high applications, students must produce a world-class application that separates them from the thousands of talented applicants.

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          A global boutique college consulting firm that works with a limited number of students each year, guiding them through the entire application process.

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Johns Hopkins


Johns Hopkins 101: Mastering the Admissions Process

Nestled in the heart of Baltimore, Johns Hopkins University stands as a shining beacon of knowledge and innovation. This premier institution, akin to a modern Hogwarts, is not known for magic tricks or flying broomsticks, but rather for spellbinding breakthroughs in the realms of science and humanities.

JHU has led the chart of R&D expenditure for 40 straight years, churned out 39 Nobel laureates, and, oh right, mapped the stars (literally).

But as the saying goes, ‘fortune favors the brave’ (or in our case, the slightly over-ambitious). So, buckle up, and let’s demystify the dazzling constellation that is Johns Hopkins University.


Student Population and Top Majors

With a diverse student body of over 26,000 students from all corners of the globe and every walk of life, Johns Hopkins University is something of a melting pot of brilliance. It’s like the United Nations, but with midterms.

From future Nobel laureates in bunny slippers to poets who might just scribble the next ‘Paradise Lost’ on a napkin during lunch, you’ll find them all at JHU. The University proudly boasts a total of 10 divisions, with an array of top-notch programs to choose from.

The top majors at Johns Hopkins are public health, neuroscience, and biomedical engineering – and these are not for the faint-hearted. From untangling the enigmatic neural networks to blueprinting the next medical breakthrough, these courses offer an intellectually rigorous journey. 

Applications and Acceptances

With an acceptance rate that often hovers around the single digits, applying to Johns Hopkins is like trying to land a spaceship on a penny. But don’t be daunted; it’s tough, but not impossible.

What’s the magic formula, you ask? Well, Johns Hopkins seeks out students who are intellectually curious, self-motivated, and have a strong passion for their chosen field of study. 

The JHU admissions office loves seeing applicants who have gone above and beyond in their academic or personal lives, whether it’s spearheading a community project or conducting independent research.

Moreover, Johns Hopkins adores authenticity. They value unique voices and perspectives that would enrich their dynamic campus community. So, in your application, be genuine, be you, and showcase your individuality with panache. Because, at the end of the day, they aren’t just looking for great students – they’re looking for great people.


Here are some general tips to spice up your Johns Hopkins essays:

  • Narrate a story: Admissions officers read countless essays every day. To make yours stand out, frame it as a compelling narrative. We’re talking plot twists, emotional pull, the works!
  • Show, don’t tell: Avoid generic statements like “I’m a hard worker”. Instead, share an anecdote that demonstrates your work ethic. It’s like taking them on a virtual tour of your personality.
  • Fit matters: Show your fit with the university. Illustrate your alignment with their ethos, resources, and community. Show them why you and JHU are a match made in college heaven.
  • Bare your passions: JHU values students who are passionate about what they do. So let your enthusiasm shine through in your writing. Love underwater basket weaving? Share how you would start a club at JHU!
  • Proofread: This can’t be stressed enough. Typos and grammatical errors can take the wind out of your essay sails. So, proofread, proofread, and then proofread some more.
  • Remember to breathe: This one’s key. Take a deep breath, and remember that it’s your passion and authenticity that will shine through the most. Keep calm, and write on!

Remember, the best essay is one that only you could write. Let your voice resonate through your words, and you’ll have a winning essay in no time!”

Connecting with Top College Counselors

Applying to universities like Johns Hopkins can feel like trying to solve a complex jigsaw puzzle – you need the right pieces in the right places, and, often, it’s a daunting task.

That’s where IvySummit comes in. With our team of experienced professionals who have helped students earn their spots at top-tier institutions like JHU, we bring an expertise that comes from navigating these puzzling pathways countless times. We understand the nuances of the application process and can guide you to present your best self to the admissions committees.

IvySummit is a premier college consulting firm with a proven track record in expertly guiding students from across the globe through the complex and nuanced college application process. Our specialized focus lies in helping students achieve their aspirations of gaining admission to Ivy League institutions and other esteemed universities in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. With our persistent commitment to excellence, we provide tailored guidance and support to ensure our clients stand out and thrive in the highly competitive world of college admissions.

At IvySummit, our commitment lies in discovering the perfect match for our clients and supporting them wholeheartedly on their path to success. We strive to understand their unique aspirations and provide expert guidance, empowering them to embark on a transformative journey towards achieving their dreams.

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