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College Concierge Tours
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Our Personalized College Concierge Tours Give You Firsthand Insight into the College Experience and Application Process 

Every summer, international families travel to the U.S. to tour top-tier  schools. With hundreds of families on these tours, it can be challenging to gather all of the information you need to apply.

Hoping to support these international clients, we began to travel with international clients nine years ago to give personalized, one-on-one tours. We explain terms and how the process works. We are proud to offer this valuable service for our clients and provide them with the information to make the right college decision.

Personalized, One-on-One College Concierge Tours | IvySummit - students-walking-2

We Know America's Top Schools Inside and Out

Our founder and CEO, Brian Giroux, visits 40 to 50 colleges every year with our international students. As a result, IvySummit is the leading consulting firm for international families looking for elite admissions guidance and personalized college tours. 100% of the clients we travel with reorganize their initial college lists based on our comprehensive tours. We also add the benefit of cross-reference schools, allowing you to make more informed choices.

Many of our international clients will visit 8 to 15 schools over a 7-10 day period with us. However, they might still have another 15+ schools that they are considering. We emphasize visiting a diverse group of schools so that our clients have a complete understanding of the types of experiences available. We make sure to tour each student's Reach, Target, and Likely schools and a mix of Urban, Suburban, and Rural settings to provide a complete picture.

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Why You Should Consider Something Other Than Summer Programs

Based on our experience, we recommend  incorporating college visits into a busy summer rather than attending a "name brand" summer program at a top-tier school. Those summer programs are not rigorous nor competitive,  and they do not boost your acceptance odds. Our advice is to spend your time and resources visiting schools and getting a sense of what you like and don't like in a university, campus life, and community.

Get a Clear Picture of Your College Options

Finding the right fit is critical to you having a rewarding college experience. Let IvySummit take you on a deep dive into all of your school choices so you can have a full understanding of your options.

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