• College Admissions

          A global boutique college consulting firm that works with a limited number of students each year, guiding them through the entire application process.

        • Ivy League Consultant
        • Admissions consulting for students looking to attend Ivy League and highly selective schools.
        • Essay Editing
        • We meticulously edit your essays to ensure clarity, coherence, and correctness, aligning them with the expectations of the admissions process.
        • International Student Consultant
        • Leading college admissions firm providing unmatched guidance for international students wanting to study at top tier US colleges.
        • Athletic Recruitment
        • We help students-athletes through the recruiting process at Ivy League, D-1, and D-III levels.
        • Transfer Admissions
        • Looking to transfer to a more selective school? We can help provide guidance through this challenging process
        • Counseling Services

          We provide a variety of options for our clients as they work through the pre-application process and admissions cycle.

        • School Packages
        • We offer 10-school and 15-school packages for students applying to US colleges.
        • Hourly Consulting
        • Our consultants are available on an hourly basis with discounts provided for 10 and 20 hour blocks.
        • Extracurricular Activities
        • We provide individualized assistance for all of our clients in regard to what activities to focus on throughout the pre-application process and admissions cycle.
        • IvySummit Research Institute
        • We work closely with our research partners to create a timeline and plans to maximize research opportunities for each client.
        • VIP: College Concierge
        • We travel with a limited number of our international clients every year to visit 40-50 boarding schools and colleges.
        • VIP: Application and Essay Intensive
        • We will meet with a client over a 7–10 day period at an agreed upon location and produce a finished common app personal statement and extracurricular activities section
        • VIP: Unlimited
        • We work with a limited number of our clients to guide them through applications to an unlimited number of schools.
        • Boarding Schools
        • We provide help with boarding school selections, essay editing, and interview preparation.
        • College Acceptances

          With record-low acceptance rates and record-high applications, students must produce a world-class application that separates them from the thousands of talented applicants.

        • MIT
        • We guide students through MIT's distinctive application process, focusing on course selection, project development, and essay refinement.
        • CalTech
        • We align your talents with Caltech's innovation-driven ethos through targeted guidance.
        • Stanford
        • We shape your application to reflect Stanford's innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.
        • Harvard
        • We craft applications that align with Harvard's heritage of excellence, unlocking your potential for success.
        • Princeton
        • We fine-tune your pathway to success by aligning your unique potential with Princeton's prestigious standards.
        • Yale
        • We tailor your application to resonate with Yale’s commitment to excellence and innovation.
        • Columbia
        • With an eye on Columbia's intellectual rigor, we help mold your profile to fit their culture of ambitious learning and growth.
        • Johns Hopkins
        • Focusing on your medical and research aspirations, we align your talents with Johns Hopkins' world-renowned programs.
        • Vanderbilt
        • Emphasizing personal growth and achievement, we'll shape your application to reflect Vanderbilt's vibrant community and academic strengths.
        • UC Berkeley
        • Targeting UC Berkeley's passion for entrepreneurship and social change, we facilitate your journey to be part of their trailblazing environment.
        • UCLA
        • Matching your creativity and innovation with UCLA's diverse fields, we guide your application to thrive in their dynamic setting.
        • UVA
        • In line with UVA's rich traditions and public service focus, we craft your profile to mirror their community's values.
        • Cornell
        • Aligning with Cornell's multifaceted academic pursuits, we ensure your application highlights your unique capabilities and passions.
        • Georgia Tech
        • Integrating your technological and scientific interests, we tailor your application to fit Georgia Tech's forward-thinking approach.
        • Northwestern
        • With Northwestern's blend of arts and sciences, we work to sculpt your application to resonate with their interdisciplinary vision.
        • Dartmouth
        • Emphasizing your engagement with global challenges, we design your application to reflect Dartmouth's commitment to meaningful impact.
        • UPenn
        • Balancing your business acumen and innovative thinking, we align your application with UPenn's blend of tradition and modernity.
        • Carnegie Mellon
        • Highlighting your prowess in technology and the arts, we craft your application to echo Carnegie Mellon's interdisciplinary excellence.
        • Duke
        • Integrating your leadership qualities and academic strengths, we tailor your application to meet Duke's diverse and dynamic environment.
        • UChicago
        • Through your intellectual curiosity and rigorous inquiry, we shape your application to connect with UChicago's academic ethos.
        • Brown
        • Tailoring your passions, we guide your application to fit Brown's unique curriculum.
        • Rice
        • Navigating Rice's emphasis on collaboration and innovation, we fine-tune your application to resonate with their community values.
        • About Us

          A global boutique college consulting firm that works with a limited number of students each year, guiding them through the entire application process.

        • Our Process
        • From your extracurricular descriptions to line-by-line essay editing, we will perfect every component of your application to earn you a spot at a top-tier school.
        • Meet the Team
        • With our expertise, we will work one-on-one with you to craft a unique story that highlights your accomplishments and sets you apart from the competition
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Hourly Consulting


Embark on Your Academic Odyssey IvySummit: Your Gateway to Elite Universities

Why Ivy Summit is the Perfect Choice for US College Admissions

Navigating the intricate landscape of college applications in the United States can be an overwhelmingly complex endeavor, especially considering the highly competitive acceptance rates at renowned institutions such as Harvard University, where the admission rate falls below a mere 4 percent. At IvySummit, we bring a distinct recipe for success to our students, equipping them with unique strategies honed through meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering enthusiasm that mobilizes every component of their application.


IvySummit's Personalized Hourly Consulting

IvySummit‘s Hourly Consulting is meticulously crafted to offer you the personalized and tailored support you need on your voyage to U.S. university admissions. Our services span across a spectrum of vital elements, encompassing university selection, SAT/ACT test preparation, ECL mentoring, the art of shaping personal statements and supplementary essays, interview readiness, and thoughtful consideration of teacher preferences. Below, you’ll discover a comprehensive insight into how IvySummit‘s hourly consulting can help you breathe life into your dreams of attending your dream university.

1. University Selection

As a cherished member of IvySummit‘s personalized hourly consultancy program, your dedicated Ivy League Consultant will be your guiding light in curating a handcrafted list of universities to apply to. This list will be tailored meticulously to your unique profile and aspirations. Our Ivy League Consultant will take a holistic approach, considering a multitude of factors. This includes your academic journey, including your grades and test scores. They’ll pinpoint institutions that align perfectly with your academic achievements, as well as those that might be a tad more selective, challenging you to aim higher. We believe in the power of setting ambitious goals. Furthermore, your field of study and extracurricular passions will play a role in shaping this list. We’ll also factor in your geographical preferences, understanding the importance of where you’ll call home during your academic journey. Rest assured, we’ll consider the competitiveness of each institution, and we’ll always encourage you to reach for the stars, applying to institutions that will not only welcome you but also inspire you to reach your fullest potential.

2. SAT & ACT Test Preperation

Crafted by distinguished Harvard alumni, PhDs, and accomplished educators hailing from around the globe, IvySummit‘s hourly SAT/ACT test preparation courses hold the wisdom of years gone by. Our courses are designed to not only enhance your study experience but also to help you achieve your academic goals. In addition, IvySummit‘s tutorials, readily accessible to you, open the doors to a rich array of AP courses across diverse disciplines. These courses allow you to showcase your academic prowess and demonstrate your passion in the areas that hold a special place in your heart.

3. Extracurricular Mentoring

Crafting a compelling college application is a journey that requires a deeply personal and comprehensive extracurricular and leadership (ECL) profile. This profile should shine a light on your unique intellectual and personal passions, setting you apart from the crowd. At IvySummit, our hourly ECL mentorship program is rooted in six fundamental pillars, guiding you on this transformative path:

  1. Discover and Nurture Your Distinct Interests: Unearth and cultivate the passions that make you who you are, letting your individuality shine through.
  2. Brainstorm and Solidify Your Project Vision: Collaborate and brainstorm, refining your project plan until it’s a reflection of your true self.
  3. Set Clear Timelines and Goals: Define the road ahead with clear objectives and timelines, ensuring you stay on track.
  4. Build a Sturdy Project Framework: Establish a solid foundation for your project, giving it the structure it needs to flourish.
  5. Forge Partnerships and Secure Funding: Where relevant, seek out partners or secure the resources needed to make your vision a reality.
  6. Promote and Amplify Your Project: Share your project with the world, amplifying its impact and leaving a mark on your chosen field.

This extensive process will not only strengthen your college application but also allow your unique brilliance to shine through.

4. Personal Statement & Supplemental Essay Support

The potency of your U.S. university application hinges on the narratives woven into your personal statement and supplemental essays. This is why IvySummit takes a personalized approach by pairing each student with an essay mentor, a distinguished alumnus of a top-tier institution. These mentors possess a profound understanding of the intricate admission process. Our essay mentors, operating on an hourly basis, have a knack for identifying the qualities that admission officers treasure in an applicant. They will skillfully lead you on a journey to craft an exceptional essay that illuminates your individual strengths and experiences, painting a vivid picture of who you are.

5. Interview Preparation

In the realm of U.S. university admissions, the alumni interview stands as a pivotal juncture that can either propel or hinder your application. Therefore, meticulous preparation for this final stage is paramount. At IvySummit, our team of seasoned interview mentors is dedicated to equipping you for success. With a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of the interview process, our mentors will walk you through a range of potential hourly interview scenarios. They will also engage in mock interviews, providing you with the invaluable opportunity to shine within the constraints of limited time. Beyond adeptly responding to the interviewer’s questions, our mentors will impart the art of posing thoughtful and institution-specific queries. These questions will not only exhibit your profound knowledge but also convey your genuine enthusiasm for the university. This is the key to making a lasting impression during this crucial stage of the application journey.

6. Teacher Recommendations

While your academic transcripts portray a numerical summary of your scholastic journey, the true essence of your teacher recommendations lies in their remarkable ability to breathe life into those grades. These letters of recommendation are a cornerstone in the college application process, wielding the power to provide a unique and vibrant portrait of you. They unveil facets of your character and personality that are beyond the scope of your own writing and test scores. In essence, they present you in your truest form. Furthermore, these recommendations hold the potential to eloquently speak to your capacity to make significant contributions to your chosen universities. They are evidence to the kind of person being advocated for—a multifaceted individual filled with promise and potential. At IvySummit, our seasoned mentors are dedicated to assisting you in the delicate process of selecting teachers who can offer insightful recommendations. Beyond this, we will extend our guidance to your teachers, helping them format personalized letters that serve as a canvas to paint a vivid picture of your exceptional character, leadership qualities, intellectual curiosity, creativity, and other intrinsic attributes. These letters of recommendation become a powerful complement to your entire application package, magnifying and exemplifying the qualities you have already revealed through other components of your application. Our mission is to ensure that every facet of your application stands out, leaving the most indelible impression on the discerning eyes of admissions officers.

While this is merely a glimpse into what IvySummit’s Hourly Consulting Program can provide, our two decades of experience in the realm of college admissions bring you a tailored approach and the secret recipe to gain entry into America’s most prestigious universities.

With IvySummit’s hourly consulting program, we pave the way to your dream university. We ensure that you stand out as a truly unique and exceptional individual, making your journey through the admissions process a remarkable and unforgettable experience.

IvySummit is a premier college consulting firm with a proven track record in expertly guiding students from across the globe through the complex and nuanced college application process. Our specialized focus lies in helping students achieve their aspirations of gaining admission to Ivy League institutions and other esteemed universities in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. With our persistent commitment to excellence, we provide tailored guidance and support to ensure our clients stand out and thrive in the highly competitive world of college admissions.

At IvySummit, our commitment lies in discovering the perfect match for our clients and supporting them wholeheartedly on their path to success. We strive to understand their unique aspirations and provide expert guidance, empowering them to embark on a transformative journey towards achieving their dreams.

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