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As college admission experts, we know what the country’s top colleges and universities are looking for in their student body. We have read thousands of college applications and meet regularly with college admission officers. You may be an accomplished student, but most applicants to Top 20 colleges are equally as talented. Got perfect scores on your A.P. tests and SATs? President of ModelUN? Build your own computers? Those accomplishments are no longer enough to get accepted into prestigious programs. If you are serious about getting into your dream school, you need the professional college essay editor at IvySummit to help you stand out.

Make a Great First Impression with Impeccable, Creative Essays

With college admission competition so high, you can’t afford to submit a subpar college essay. Our college essay editing services will help your story shine brighter than the rest. We are the team that can help you show America’s top schools why you deserve a shot.
We are a premier college consulting firm that specializes in guiding students worldwide through the college application process to Ivy League and other highly selective universities in the U.S., U.K., and Canada.

We are committed to finding the right fit for our clients and helping them continue their journey to success.

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