International Student Admissions

International Student College Admissions

IvySummit’s primary focus with international students is helping them build the most comprehensive college application possible. International students are held to significantly higher standards these days when applying to top schools in the United States. Being a full payer with strong grades and top test scores won’t get you into a top 25 school anymore. A world-class essay and an application that states why you are the right fit are the keys to international college student admissions. Year after year, we continue to be a leading boutique college consulting firm providing elite-level guidance to families from Moscow, Mumbai, Beijing, São Paulo, and other major international cities.

We Have Helped Hundreds of International Students Reach the School of Their Dreams

With our expertise in international college student admissions services, we can help you get into America’s top colleges and universities. Contact us today to begin.
We are a premier college consulting firm that specializes in guiding students worldwide through the college application process to Ivy League and other highly selective universities in the U.S., U.K., and Canada.

We are committed to finding the right fit for our clients and helping them continue their journey to success.

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