International Student Preparation

Prep for success from primary school to college

Roadmap To Success From Primary School To College

Developed by IvySummit, global leader in college admissions for international students and in collaboration with Brian Stewart- editor of Barron’s ACT/SAT Prep- gold standard for test preparation.

Students emerge with an excellent foundation in the reading and writing skills essential to success at the collegiate level. Building on the theme of “What do you think?” students will continue to develop the ability to clearly express an opinion in both spoken and written form. Students will be fully prepared to articulate their points of view in college application essays, college interviews, and small group discussions.


International Student Preparation

Age 8-11

    • English grammar instruction
    • Creative writing tutorial
    • Analytical writing tutorial
    • Close reading tutorial with exposure to a variety of fiction and non-fiction genres


International Student Preparation

Age 12-14

    • Creative journaling
    • Historical and scientific research papers
    • Argumentative essays
    • Film, art and multimedia study


International Student Preparation

Age 15-18

    • High school and college-level reading practice and Socratic discussion
    • Grammar review in preparation for the ACT, SAT, and PSAT
    • Advanced writing practicum
      • Creative story-telling and free writing
      • Extended essays, modeled on the requirements in the International Baccalaureate Diploma program
      • Timed writings, modeled on the requirements in the Advanced Placement curriculum
      • Editorial and persuasive essay writing
      • Written analysis of theater, film, art, music, and other sophisticated forms of media
      • Practical applications—resumes, business correspondence, and oral presentations

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International Student Preparation

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