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Undergraduate Admission Advising

In recent years, the undergraduate admissions process has grown increasingly competitive and complex.

Gone are the days when acceptance at a top school was as simple as taking multiple Advanced Placement courses and scoring well on the SATs. The number of available spots at the world’s most elite universities has remained relatively constant, while the number of applicants has increased exponentially.

Many of the acceptances are set aside, reserved for “legacy” students, first-generation applicants, children of faculty members, those whose parents are either major donors, celebrities, or in some other way connected, and those who are exceptional talents in either sports or the arts. If applicants share the same achievements across the board—flawless transcripts, high test scores, and well-roundedness—then how does one stand out from the crowd?

Dedicated Former Admission Officers

To stand a chance amongst the competition, applicants need to demonstrate their value in entirely different ways, strategically positioning themselves as worth a second look. At IvySummit, we recognize that schools are not seeking jacks of all trades and masters of none, but rather, students who will become leaders in their fields. We develop an intellectual signature so that applicants can showcase their potential.

Unlike most companies whose team consists mainly of graduates from elite universities, our diversified team covers all of your bases. Our expert advisors include former admissions officers from Ivy League schools and top-15 universities who have reviewed thousands of applications. With their wealth of experience, they will give you critical suggestions on how to best shape your application to maximize chances of acceptance. Our team of essay editors consists of professional writing coaches, and editors who now focus exclusively on college admissions essays. With their niche focus, they will ensure that the content of your essay is just as strong as the language therein.


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Undergraduate Admission Services

College Counseling & Application Support

At IvySummit, we understand that not all of our clients begin their admissions journeys at the same point in the process, or with the same needs. That’s why we offer multiple options and approaches. All are geared towards the same goal: highlighting your accomplishments, achievements, and personality in a way that maximizes your chances of admission.

IvySummit’s goal is to simplify the complicated and find your 1% trait. Our services do both! 

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Undergraduate Admissions

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